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Psychic Medium Services Overview

Please click on the links below for detailed in-depth information about my psychic medium offerings:
  • Individual Psychic Medium Readings are characterized by Objective clairvoyance, evidential mediumship, shared memories of spirit loved ones, reuniting with favorite pets, healing and comfort for the bereaved, prophecy, accuracy and spiritual upliftment. Psychic Medium Readings are available in person in Silver Spring, MD and over the phone. Learn more
  • Mediumship Seances are readings for families and groups of up to ten people. Family seances and group seances are characterized by the same evidential mediumship as my individual readings. Family seances are especially delightful, because they bring back so many memories for the sitters that individuals might have forgotten. Available in Silver Spring and in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Learn more
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Readings provides additional information to give prospective clients a better idea of what to expect in a psychic medium reading, family or group seance. The page addresses common questions about mediumship, readings, Spiritualism, and the afterlife. Learn more
  • Reading & Seance Hints provide important information to client in how to best prepare for a psychic medium reading or seance. It also provides instruction on how to best prepare your environment for a telephone reading. Believe it or not, mediumship depends not only on the medium and the spirit people's desire to communicate with their loved ones on Earth; it also depends on the preparation and attitudes of the sitter. Learn more